Surya Technologies specializes in providing a range of standard and custom EDA (electronic design automation) tools to help design, optimize and verify complex ASIC and custom VLSI designs. 

Surya’s mission is to provide unique solutions based on static analysis technologies, enabling exhaustive analysis, verification and optimization of large state-of-the-art designs in multiple problem domains.

Surya has developed a powerful technology base and an extensive software infrastructure. Surya’s standard product is called SDATM, which includes static timing analysis, noise analysis, timing optimization, timing-driven design partitioning for physical design, and programmable static design rules verification. Surya also offers a range of custom products and services.

Surya has been in business since late 1995 (in Silicon Valley for over 8 years, and now in Portland, Oregon), and has successfully provided tools and solutions to leading chip design companies in the microprocessor, graphics and networking fields. Surya has also worked with other EDA companies in complementary areas, and has licensed critical timing analysis and other technologies to these companies for integration with their products. Surya’s customers are located both in the US and in Japan.

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